This Week At The Shore

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Children running, Designed using colorful graphic vector.

The second trimester comes to a close this week as does the month of February.  Please be sure to make your Jog-A-Thon pledge as we depend on your contributions to fund important programs and events such as BRAINSTORM!  This week the PTA is providing assemblies for all students called Bubble Mania - thank you in advance for this program!

Here is our week:

Monday               Primary and upper grade music

                                 IPSF Celebration honoring Eastshore and Kelly Duncan

Tuesday              Bubble Mania Assemblies

                                 ACE Classes

                                 5th Grade Girl Talk

Wednesday        Discovery Science for Kindergarten

Thursday            Upper Grade Music   

                                  KROC Practice

                                  Kindergarten Round Up: 6:00 p.m. in the MPR                          

Friday                   BRAINSTORM 

                                  End of Trimester Two

                                  Online Enrollment opens

We are looking for a community member who is skilled at creating balloon arches!  Please contact Mrs. Kadam at if you or someone you know possesses this talent as we need an arch for the 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Have a fantastic week!

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