Student Handbook

Eastshore Elementary School
RIR Guidelines

Welcome to Eastshore! We look forward to working as a team - staff, students and parents - to ensure a rewarding school year for everyone!
The following policies, rules, and guidelines are to help student, parents, and staff work together safely and productively in a climate of
Respect, Integrity, and Responsibility.




If your student is absent from school, please call the 24-hour attendance line 936-5701 before 8:30 a.m. to verify each day your student is absent. When calling to report an absence, please give the student’s full legal name, reason for absence and dates(s), the caller’s name and relationship to the student. Unless your student is ill it is imperative that all students are here each day to receive the best education. Per California State Education Code, and Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) Policy, students and parents may receive an attendance notification letter after excessive unexcused absences. Excessive tardies are also subject to attendance notification letters. Habitual tardies and absences may result in a meeting with the IUSD Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB). As defined by the state of California an absence is considered excused for only the following reasons:


  • Personal illness (Education Code 48205
  • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family (Education Code48205)
  • Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointments (Education Code 48205)


Absences not cleared by a phone call or note will be marked unexcused and the student is considered truant by the state. It is necessary to call the office, not the student’s classroom teacher. Students coming late to school must sign in at the school office before going to class. Parents are required to sign their children out at the office if they arrive more than ten minutes after the end of the school day to pick their child up. Excessive tardiness in picking a child up after school can result in a report to the Irvine Police Department.


To ensure the safety of all students and enhance the ability of staff to supervise students effectively, parents may drop students off outside of the red playground boundary lines in the morning. In the afternoon parents may wait on the sidewalk to the south of the school or in front of school on the street (sidewalk) for their children. Parents and students should have a pre-arranged meeting place so that students can leave campus quickly. This allows staff to identify students who need to be taken to the office to call their parents for pick up.

Parents are not allowed on campus during the instructional day unless they are volunteering and have checked in at the front office.



1. Students riding bikes to school must be in the third grade or higher.

2. Bicycles should be licensed through the

Irvine Police Department.

3. Bicycles must be locked in racks.

4. Bicycle helmets are REQUIRED for all students.

5. Students need to walk their bikes once they are on school property.

6. Bicycles must be taken home each day. The school is not responsible for bikes left overnight.

7. Scooters (electric, gas or human operated), roller blades/skates, skateboards, etc. are not allowed on school property nor may they be used as a means of transportation to and
from school.



Except on rainy days, outside halls and exterior
doors must be used when walking from class to class or from class to the office. Once dismissed to lunch
or recess, students may re-enter the building only if a supervisor provides a signed pass. Students are expected to use exterior restrooms during lunch and recess. For safety, do not enter the building unless a staff member is present.



Bullying and harassment are unacceptable at Eastshore. This includes physical, verbal, written, and/or cyber- bullying. Any student that bullies another student or staff member is subject to IUSD Board Policy 5145. The staff will respond immediately to reports of bullying/harassment. It is imperative that students report any incident matching this description. Parents are expected to reinforce this policy with their children at home.



Your student is responsible for carrying home important school and classroom messages. Each student will bring home important school communication and class work on Thursdays. The school asks that parents take time eachThursday evening to go through your student’s backpack with him or her for school and district correspondence. Most information can also be found on Eastshore's web site at Please check this weekly.



In order to promote a respect for teaching and learning, staff is not to be interrupted during the teaching hours of the school day. Please check with your student's teacher for the best time to conference with him/her. All teachers have voice mail extensions and email accounts to leave messages for contact. It is necessary to make appointments with teachers for a conference. Voice mail extensions and email addresses for all staff members can on be found on Eastshore's web site at

Staff will respond within 24 hours.



A crossing guard is on duty at the corner of Eastshore and Woodspring from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and at dismissal times each day that school is in session until 3:00 p.m. Students and parents should cross only where the crossing guard is present to assist them in safely crossing the street. Please only cross in cross walks.
Be a good model for your child and do not jaywalk.



Our procedures in the event of any disaster are as follows: Verify location and well being of students and staff. Provide emotional and physical aid as needed. Release students and staff in an orderly and safe manner.



  1. At the first sign of an earthquake, teachers will issue the DROP” command.
  2. When safe to do so, students will be evacuated to a central emergency assembly area.
  3. Students will be supervised until the building may be reoccupied and/or a parent or authorized adult arrives to pick up the student. We will not begin to release students until we have accounted for all students and staff. Parents or other authorized adults may come to the designated pick-up location and request to pick up their student. All students will be kept at school until they can be released to their parents or another authorized adult.
  4. Please do not call the school. The phone lines must be kept open for emergency use. We will utilize the services of parents as emergency volunteers at the school site in the event of a disaster.


If you are a nurse, doctor, fire fighter or policeman and a disaster should occur, we would appreciate your assistance at the school site, provided you are off duty.



For student and adult safety and per Irvine Unified School District Policy, the walking or carrying of dogs or other animals on campus is prohibited at all times-not only during school hours. Please be a good role model for your children by following IUSD policy and leaving your dogs at home. This includes bringing dogs to school at drop off or pick up of students.


Students must observe good grooming habits
and wear appropriate clothing and shoes to school. Students are not allowed to wear any items to school that may be deemed inappropriate, unsafe, or disruptive to the educational process.

Students are required to wear closed- toed shoes, preferably athletic shoes (this is essential on PE days) and no hats are allowed inside the building. Flip flops, open-toed sandals, shoes with removable wheels, and CROCS are not allowed at school. The following is unacceptable and can result in disciplinary action:, clothing exposing midriff and/or undergarments, short shorts (shorts must be as long as the thumbs when arms are held against the legs) or clothing with holes, oversized pants/shorts, clothing with gang logos, or clothing displaying references to drugs, alcohol, or violence.


Students are not allowed to wear any kind of make-up. Additionally, any kind of jewelry that could get caught or pulled in a play situation, such as dangling earrings, is prohibited. Tank tops must have at least a two-inch width at the shoulder and muscle shirts and/or basketball shirts with wide arm openings are also not allowed. Halter or backless tops are not allowed.


Students are not allowed to dye their hair any color other than a natural hair color that is deemed appropriate by their parents.Students are not allowed to wear boots or shoes that have heelsOnly students who wear prescription glasses are allowed to wear sunglasses. A doctors note for sunglasses is required in all casesAny clothing or accessories that are deemed inappropriate by staff will result in the student being sent to the office to phone home for replacement attire. If no one is available to provide this, the school will provide sweat pants and/or a t-shirt for the remainder of the school day. This dress code applies to any school event, including concerts and PTA events.




Please label your student's belongings for easy identification. A lost article will be placed on the lost and found rack/tub located outside, near the lunch tables. Please note that the lost and found rack is out during student school hours only. Students should periodically check for lost items during their snack and lunch recesses.


More valuable items such as jewelry, watches and glasses are placed in the school office for safe keeping. Students may ask for them there.


At the end of the school year we will send out a reminder to look for unclaimed items. After the conclusion of the school year, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.



All students have a pin number to access their own personal LunchBox account. Checks and cash can be brought to the office to add to your student’s account
or you can put money into your student’s account online. Please see the IUSD Nutrition Services web page for information about adding money to your student’s account. It can be found at Students need a sack lunch, or money in their personal lunch account before leaving for school each day.



Parents bringing lunch to school MUST deliver the lunches to the front office prior to the start of lunch period. Lunches MAY NOT be delivered to individual backpacks or to students on the playground without clearance from the office. Please be sure all lunch bags/containers have the student’s first and last name on them.


MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOAnytime your student requires medication to be taken at school, the medication MUST BE KEPT IN THE HEALTH OFFICE to be administered only by school personnel. By law, the school requires: (1) medication in the original pharmacy container and properly labeled by the pharmacist; (2) parentssigned consent; and (3) doctors signed order (forms available in the school office). Medication must be brought to school by the parent. These regulations apply to prescription and non- prescription drugs. Please do not ask personnel to administer medication without meeting the foregoing requirements and never send medication with
your student to school. Students requiring the use
of medical equipment must bring in a doctor’s note with specifics regarding student’s use and duration of need for equipment. IUSD Health Services can be found at


Mental Health/Wellness Services and Resources:
The District provides school-based mental health/ wellness services and resources ( or to students and families. These services include short-term individual or group counseling for students at the school site; short-term, solution-focused therapy for students and families through the Irvine Family Resource Center; and resource linkages to community-based mental health or social services for students and families. Services are provided by counselors or licensed mental health professionals.



All parents or guests volunteering /visiting in a class must be registered. Please click the volunteer link below if you are interested in being an IUSD approved volunteer. Online volunteer application: This information is also part of the yearly re-registration online data confirmation. Eastshore requires all visitors, including parents, guardians, volunteers, news media, and the general public, to check in through the front office and wear a name badge when on school grounds. Visitors may be asked to leave by school officials if there appears to be interference with the peaceful conduct of the schools educational activities (Section 627.7 of the California Penal Code makes it a misdemeanor to fail or refuse to leave the school grounds promptly after the principal or principals designee or school security officer requests it). These regulations are for the protection of all students, parents, and staff. Visitors are to check out when leaving campus.


Parents volunteering are permitted on campus on pre-scheduled days that have been arranged with the childs teacher.

Parent observations must be arranged through the office to provide accompaniment. Please refer to IUSD Administrative Regulation 1210.


If you are interested in observing in your child’s classroom, you are allowed up to three accompanied observations of no more than one hour each during the school year, per IUSD Board Policy. Please request your desired observation in writing at least two school days in advance, to arrange for accompaniment.

Parents may not use the playground as a pass through during the instructional day nor may they interact with students on the playground without proper staff supervision and pre-authorization.


Eastshore is a closed campus despite the lack of fences surrounding the school site. The staff is responsible for maintaining the security and safety for all students. Parents and other visitors are expected to adhere to these policies and procedures.



For safety reasons the parking lot is closed to vehicular traffic before and after school. The only exception to this rule is for school employees and IUSD designated vehicles. Please do not enter the parking lot nor park in a staff parking spot even if it is unoccupied. All parking spots are numbered and used by school and Dolphin Club personnel.

Please DO NOT go through the safety cones at the school’s entrance. They are there to protect our students and staff. Staff members will be on duty to assist students in reaching their classrooms safely. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


The area between the parking lot entrance and exit is a loading zone only. Parents may not park and leave their cars unattended in this area. The Irvine Police Department periodically tickets cars that park illegally or may cite drivers who make U-turns or conduct other illegal actions on the street in front of the school.




Our campus is closed during the instructional day- parents must meet students off campus at the back or side of the school.


Eastshore has adopted a program which focuses on Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS). All students and staff will participate in an implementation program at the beginning of the school year which teaches students expected behaviors in a variety of settings around the school. Individual classrooms will develop matrices to outline expectations for behavior as well.


Infractions will be documented by a discipline referral form which will identify the infractions as either minor or major. Consequences will be determined based on the infraction (and are listed on the referral form). Three minors equal a major. All majors require administrative support in determining a consequence and parent notification.
Data will be generated from the referrals which will help the staff monitor problematic areas at school and devise improved methods of instruction and supervision to reduce/eliminate disciplinary issues. This program will ensure consistency, equitability and will promote positive behavioral choices for all students.



Personal toys, electronics and sports equipment are NOT permitted on school grounds. Likewise students are not allowed to bring superfluous supplies that cause distraction or disruption in the classroom. Teachers will specifically indicate which supplies are acceptable at the start of the school year. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items.



Students must play ONLY on the blacktop area within the red boundary lines and on the school’s grass field. This policy is in effect in the morning before school as well as during the school day. After you drop your student off in the morning, please remind them to stay within the boundary lines. If a ball or any other equipment goes out of bounds, students must seek help from a playground supervisor or a classroom teacher to retrieve the item. There is no playing behind the portable classrooms. The general rule is, if you are not in sight of the playground supervisors, you are out of bounds.


  • If a foul occurs while a shot is being made, two free shots are to be taken. All other fouls, the opposite team takes the ball out of bounds
  • Charging is a foul
  • No traveling, double dribble, reaching in, reaching around or moving screens.
  • Offense calls fouls
  • If a ball is in the air moving towards the basket when the bell rings, it counts if the basket is made
  • No running across the court while a game is in progress



  • At the sound of the first bell, stop playing and carry your ball to appropriate rack (NO KICKING)
  • Walk to your class-designated location (never run)
  • Be ready in your class-designated location by the time the second bell rings
  • Stay away from out of bounds areas
  • No kicking of balls on or near the edge of the blacktop



  • No running on the blacktop unless you are playing basketball
  • Play is to be on boards only, not against the building
  • Ball contact games are not allowed



  • Games the involve tackling, hittingpushing, or shoving are not permitted




  • Ball must bounce before it is played
  • No overhead slams
  • There are no teams
  • Interference from outside results in a re-serve
  • game (“Do Over)
  • If a ball hits a line, youre out
  • Play begins with a serve from the corner of A or 1" square
  • Player may not hit to the same person more than twice in a row. NO tea parties
  • “A” player may call “Around the World” at the beginning of the game



  • Ball must hit the ground first before hitting the board; it may hit twice on a serve
  • Three serves only, then server goes out
  • If the ball hits someone standing in line, the serve goes over again
  • Player may choose to play on a ball that he/she judges to be out of bounds
  • Students may not change places in line while waiting to play
  • Students may not stand against the board when others are playing
  • Students in line must line up behind the side lines
  • Students may not stand inside the court or sit against the backboard
  • No making up your own rules


  • If the marker touches the line, student misses a turn (go to end of line) and marker remains in the current square
  • If any part of the student’s foot touches on a line while hopping, the student goes to the end of the line and the marker remains in the current square
  • If you hop in a square with markers, you lose a turn and your marker remains in the same square
  • The first students to go through all nine squares with markers win. Everyone in line is a referee



  • Eat only at the lunch tables
  • Pick up your trash and any trash a supervisor asks you to pick up
  • Balls are NOT allowed at the lunch tables
  • When buying lunch, wait patiently and respectfully
  • Supervisors excuse students to play
  • No walking or standing on the lunch tables
  • Students will be disciplined for throwing food, taking others’ food, screaming and any other behaviors deemed inappropriate by playground supervisors



  • Please wait your turn on the slides or other equipment on the play structure
  • Do not damage the structure in any way
  • Be respectful and wait your turn
  • Do not do anything on the structure unless you feel capable of doing it
  • Running is not permitted in the play structure area



  • Students are to wait away from the front of the swings on the play area divider mark
  • Sitting on swings is not permitted if students are waiting
  • Do not throw the swings over the bars
  • Do not twist or swing in an unsafe manner
  • NEVER jump out of the swing to exit



  • Only clean hits count …no holding, get-ups, bottle caps, or rope throw
  • Hands MAY NOT touch rope at all- you’re out if they do
  • Ball can be hit only when it is on the student’s side
  • Student is out if he/she hits someone on purpose or argues with the server
  • No hanging on the tetherball
  • Stay on your half of the circle-do not cross the line
  • When a student has three wins, a new player enters the game



At Eastshore, every student has the same rights and responsibilities and is expected to abide by the same rules.



1. You have the right to be treated with respect and kindness at school.

2. You have the right to be safe and clean at school.

3. You have the right to learn at school.

4. You have the right to express yourself.

5. You have the right to tell your side of a problem-

before anything happens.


1. You are expected to treat others with respect and kindness at school.

2. You are expected to help make our school a safe and clean place.

3. You are expected to allow and help others to learn.

4. You are expected to arrive at school on time.

5. You are expected to complete all assignments on time and to the best of your ability.

6. You are expected to express your needs, ideas and

answers to questions or problems in a polite and honest manner.



1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

2. Always follow the directions and requests of school personnel.

3. Use good common sense; if someone might get hurt, don’t do it!

4. Stay in assigned areas.

5. Use restrooms and drinking fountains at school in a respectful and courteous manner.

6. Enter the office through the front door and have a pass.

7. During lunch, demonstrate respect by eating and communicating politely. Clean up your area, and remain seated until dismissed.

8. Play only on the blacktop or other designated areas.

9. Arrive at school no earlier than 10 minutes before school starts.

10. After school, go directly home, to daycare or other place designated by your parents.

11. Leave all toys, pets, personal objects, sports and electronic equipment, etc. at home.

12. Gum, candy, soda, etc., are not allowed at school.

13. Leave skateboard, wheelies (or other shoes with wheels) roller blades and razor scooters at home.

14. Clothing should be appropriate for weather, athletic activity, and age.

15. Electronic devices are not allowed at school. The only exception is a special project approved by the classroom teacher.

16. Students may carry cell phones to school but they must be kept in their backpacks and turned off during the instructional day. Calls home must be made through the front office or classroom phone. Cell phones will be confiscated if students use them during the instructional day and students or their parents may collect them at the end of the school day from the school office. Disciplinary action may be taken if a student abuses the use of a cell phone at school.




Any of the following unacceptable behaviors may result in suspension or expulsion.

1. Bullying/harassment.

2. Demonstrating disrespect

3. Using profanity (written or verbal) or profane gestures.

4. Stealing school or personal property from a student or staff member.

5. Destroying school property or personal property.

6. Fighting (real or play).

7. Academic dishonesty.

8. Possessing weapons, dangerous objects, alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. (IUSD Zero Tolerance Policy)

9. Physically harming or threatening a staff member, visiting adult, or another student.

10. Repeatedly disrupting instruction and learning.


Nondiscrimination Statement
The Irvine Unified School District is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. District programs and activities including membership in student clubs shall be free from discrimination based on race, color, ancestry, nationality, ethnic group identification, immigration status, age, religion, actual or potential parental, family, or marital status, or the exclusion of any person because of pregnancy or related conditions, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

The District does not discriminate in enrollment in or access to any of the activities and programs available. Admission to these programs is based on age appropriateness, class space, interest, aptitude, and prerequisite coursework where applicable. The lack of English skills shall not be a barrier to admission to or participation in the District’s activities and programs. The Irvine Unified School District also does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.*

*The full Nondiscrimination statement can be found at and Board Policy 5145.5



Students need to know who the supervising

adults on the playground and school grounds are at all times (they wear bright orange or yellow vests). It is the student’s responsibility to go to a supervising adult if they have a verbal or physical problem with another student. Problems cannot be addressed if an Eastshore staff member is not made aware of the situation.



The office is open from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
through Friday, while school is in session. If you bring a forgotten lunch, homework, etc., for your student, please come to the office only. Please DO NOT disturb the classroom and DO NOT place items directly into a back pack. The office staff will see to it that the items are taken to your student’s class.

The Board of Education is committed to maintaining a learning environment free from harassment, intimidation or insult, student-to-student or adult-to-student, on the basis of an individual’s actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender Equity/Title IX Compliance Officer: Keith Tuominen, 5050 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA, 92617, Phone (949)936-5047 Click here for the complete document.



Recess snack items are priced from $0.50- $1.25. Students may purchase snack items or bring their own. Students must sit at the lunch tables to eat their snack. Once students are finished with their food they must throw away their trash, and clean up the area before going out onto the playground. Snack items charged to a students LunchBox account will deplete their funds for purchasing lunch. Please discuss purchasing with your student so that they have enough money each day in their account to purchase snack and/or lunch.
Click here



If you know you will be picking your student up early, please send a note, email or leave a phone message for your student’s teacher
and office personnel to notify them that your student will be leaving before regular dismissal time. You will need to sign your student out at the office. If you are taking a student out for an appointment and they will be returning before dismissal time you must sign them out and then back in when they return.


If you are late picking up your student, he/she must wait in the office as we are responsible for his/her safety until a parent or guardian picks them up. You must come in to the office and sign them out. Frequent negligence in picking students up on time can also result in IUSD Student Attendance and Review Board investigation. It could also result in contacting Irvine Police Department.



For student safety, students may be on campus no sooner than 10 minutes prior to their class start time. Additionally, students must be off campus 10 minutes after dismissal. Supervision of students by school

personnel is only provided during this time before and after school.
Please refer to the Eastshore Bell Schedule for specific start and end times for each grade level.
For information regarding the IUSD student supervision policy please see IUSD Board Policy 5142(a). Please help us to provide for your student’s safety by insisting that he/she goes directly home after school, and only uses the playground equipment when supervised by a teacher or other school personnel during regular school hours.



The office phones are not to be used by students without permission. Please make all after-school arrangements with your student before school and be sure your student knows how and with whom they are getting home. Teachers may allow a student to call from the classroom; however that is up to the discretion of the teacher. Cell phones must be turned off and kept in a backpack during the school day. Under no circumstances should students communicate with parents via cell phone
during the school day.