Suggested Supply Lists

Eastshore Elementary School will provide all of the necessary supplies for your child to have a quality educational experience. However you may choose to assist the school by purchasing the following supplies. Any donations are greatly appreciated!

When shopping at Office Depot please mention Eastshore Elementary School at the checkout counter. We receive 5% cash back for purchases made with our school code #70009039.


Last name begins with: A-M Last name begins with: N-Z
  • A package of baby wipes/sanitizing wipes
  • Glue Sticks (12) – (no purple please)
  • $20 contribution to purchase additional supplies throughout the school year
  • Kleenex
  • Glue Sticks (12) – (no purple please)
  • $20 contribution to purchase additional supplies throughout the school year

Please provide for your child:

  • Standard sized backpack
  • Lunch bag/lunch box

Please provide for your child:

  • Standard sized backpack
  • Lunch bag/lunch box

All Kindergarten families are asked to consider a contribution of $20.00 for shared classroom supplies such as, crayons, pencils, scissors, pens, paper and additional supplies for crafts and enrichment activities. Please know that a donation is not required and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. We will provide you with a receipt on Eastshore letterhead for your contribution. Thank you again for your support.

If you do choose to provide a donation, please bring your supplies on the first day of school. Please put classroom supplies in a bag and monetary donations should be placed in an envelope with your child’s name on it. *All supplies become classroom community property for the use of all students throughout the school year.*

1st Grade

  • 12 high quality pencils #2 (i.e. Ticonderoga or Dixon)
  • Rectangular erasers (4)
  • Glue Sticks (12) (no purple or Target brand please)
  • Crayons 24 count
  • 5” Scissors
  • Dry Erase Markers (4 pack)
  • 1 Box of baby wipes (for messy clean-ups)
  • 1 Box of tissues
  • 1 Ream of white copy paper
  • 100 page Composition Book (wide ruled please, no spiral bound)
  • 2 Sturdy folders (with name written on them)

2nd Grade

Suggested Supplies:

  • One package of glue sticks
  • Scissors- age appropriate
  • Pencils: 12 -#2 sharpened pencils
  • Small pencil box: 8 inch by 5 inch plastic (Must fit in desk and not have zippers!)
  • Crayons (24 count, 2 packages)
  • 2 Dry Erase Markers EXPO (small fine point)
Last name begins with: A-L Last name begins with: M-Z
  • Kleenex (2 boxes)
  • Ream of Paper (copy or card stock)
  • Liquid white glue bottle
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Ziplock Bags
  • Pack of Markers (thin or fat)

3rd Grade

Suggested Items:

  • Chapter Book
  • A small pencil pouch or box no larger than 6.5 L x 5.5 W x 2.5 H
  • 3 ring binder--- must be 1” (any larger will be sent home)
  • 5 dividers (labeled in this order from top to bottom * Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Homework)
  • 1 Two-Pocket Folder
  • Crayons (24 pack or less)
  • Colored pencils
  • 1 yellow highlighter pen
  • Scissors
  • 1 package of glue sticks
  • 1 package of wide-ruled notebook paper
  • 10 sharpened pencils
  • Box of tissues
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Ream of copy paper
  • 1 package of BLACK (only) Dry Erase Pens


*Supplies must be replenished throughout the year! Student’s personal items should be clearly marked with their full name.

4th Grade

Quantity Item
1 1.5 inch 3-ring binder WITH 5 tab dividers labeled as follows: Homework Lang. Arts Math S.S. Sci./Health 2
2 Spiral notebooks (each a different color, for writing and math)
1 1 inch 3 ring binder (in a DIFFERENT color for music)
1 Basic Calculator ($1.00 at Walmart and elsewhere)
1  Highlighter
1 Pencil sharpener with a cover to hold shavings
24 Sharpened #2 pencils (to start the first trimester with)
1 Small pencil pouch (no boxes please)
2 Any size tip, black dry erase markers
1 Red ballpoint pen
1 Package of wide ruled paper (to start)
3-4 Glue sticks (to start)
1 Pair of age appropriate scissors that FIT IN the pencil pouch
1 12 count box of colored pencils (NOTHING LARGER)
1 Box of facial tissue

Other donations that our class would benefit from

  • 1 Pkg.of baby wipes or anti-bacterial wipes
  • 1 Package of white copy paper

5th Grade

  • 3 ring binder-2” with metal rings
  • 8½” X 11” wide ruled, three holed, lined paper
  • 1 set of 8 tab dividers (do not label)
  • Plastic pouch in binder or small pencil box
  • 3-5 sharpened pencils on hand at all times! (mechanical is ok)
  • Erasers
  • 2 BLACK (only) dry erase pens
  • Dry eraser
  • 2 black or blue ink ballpoint pens
  • Colored pencils/small pencil sharpener
  • Scissors
  • 2 Yellow highlighters
  • 2 Glue sticks
  • 1 large, rectangular box of Kleenex
  • Sanitizing Wipes (Clorox or Lysol brand please)
  • 1 ream of white copy paper
  • 2 single subject spiral-bound notebooks with 3 hole punch
  • 2- three subject spiral-bound notebook (with the folder dividers)
  • Heavy duty folder with two pockets (Mr. Tobenkin’s class only)

6th Grade

In 6th Grade, we do our best to prepare our students for middle school where they will be traveling from class to class with a backpack only.

If you choose to purchase supplies for your students, we ask for the following only:

  1. One three-ring binder- 1” – no zippered please.
  2. Two sets of 5 dividers. Labeling will be explained by each homeroom teacher.
  3. College ruled notebook paper
  4. Pencils #2
  5. Extra-large book covers
  6. Calculator (a very important tool in 6th Grade)
  7. Refillable water bottle – Eastshore has a filtered and cooled water filling station

Students will not need the following items, and they will be sent home on the first day of school:

  • Pencil box/pouch (other than one that fits in a three-ring binder)
  • Permanent markers
  • Colored pencils, Crayons, and colored markers
  • Erasers

We appreciate the following classroom donations:

  • College ruled, lined paper
  • Copy paper
  • #2 Pencils
  • Facial Tissue
  • Wipes

Please refer to Eastshore Elementary School RIR Guidelines found on Eastshore’s student handbook web page regarding cellular telephones and personal items.